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Go solar with Wholly Construction, a major solar contractor and installer serving the entire State of California


Wholly Construction along with Wholly Solar has been a part of the growth of the green energy revolution. Introducing the latest cutting edge technology in serving the all our projects. We are one stop project operation center serving the entire State of California.


Back-Up Batteries

Hotels commercial properties

Wholly construction is a lifetime member and preferred vendor serving the members of AAHOA, Energy is one of the top tier, ever rising cost of any industry. Having a variable factor when one has to control the ever rising energy cost. We will look at your energy usage, calculate your demand charges, Select he most suitable energy program of your provider, measure space available, design a proposal with complete information with the intention to eliminate your energy costs, make your property energy efficient, create a lot of cash flow Cash flow by producing clean energy directly from the Sun. The best outcome of installing solar energy is that the value of your property increase. Your property will be green certified property attracting a special Clientele that support the green revolution.


The rest is being paid by the energy savings from day one WITH NO MONEY out of your pocket. Our financial partners will be your guide.


Your home is your biggest investment. We specialize in custom design solar system. We do a complete evaluation by conducting a complete site survey of your home with the intention to determine whether solar energy will be financially beneficial for you. By examining your previous 12 months of usage, we can create a custom design solar system that can off-set up to 100% of your usage. With our no money down PACE line of credit, You can start being positive from day one.

It is fun to watch your meter running backwards. You can achieve all of this with Zero $$ out of your pocket thru your county supported program called PACE.


All product, Labor warranties, a complete turn key operation.


If it is essential to replace the existing roof in order to install solar panels makes the roof eligible for a 26% ITC along with 26% ITC from solar. Please check with your financial advisor of your eligibility.
You can select com shingles, concrete, clay, slate. All material is title 24 compliant. Our contractors are licensed, insured, bonded professionals.


We provide this service by recommend qualified professionals. The professionals will do the analysis of your property to recommend the size of the batteries according to your needs and the size of your property. Batteries are a vital need for the commercial and the residential properties.


We provide this service by recommend a well qualified professionals. They will do the analysis of your property and recommend the size of generator according to your needs.

Benifits of green renewable energy revolution

The health & environmental benefits of renewable energy. Beside the strong evidence beyond doubt that your investment in renewable energy is financially beneficial. Your health and environment also benefits.

Our Expertise

Go Solar with Wholly Construction, a major Solar Installer in California.

Why Wholly Construction?

Wholly Construction is your one-stop-shop for all things solar. We custom design and engineer your system, management of any and all permits follow-through on all rebates and tax credits!

Premium Quality Production

With guaranteed production the first year, if your system doesn’t produce what we say it will, we’ll pay you .10 cents/w credit for the difference.